Your Councillors

Billinge Chapel End Parish Council has nine parish councillors. They are elected for a four year term and the last elections were held in May 2019.

Councillors are holders of a public office and must abide by the standards expected from holders of such an office. They are required to abide by a Code of Conduct, details of which are shown here: Code of Conduct MAY 2019

Current councillors are as follows:

Sue Murphy – Chair
S Murphy ROI
Tel:  01942 743098

Cllr. Bill BradburyBill Bradbury
B Bradbury ROI
2 Clifton Road, Billinge, WN5 7PT
Tel: 01744 894213
E-mail: Bill Bradbury

David Clift
D Clift ROI
20 Garswood Road, Billinge, WN5 7TH
Tel: 01744 895517
E-mail: David Clift

Dennis McDonnell
D McDonnell ROI
Tel: 07808 200903 or 01744 678061

Sue Rahman
S Rahman ROI
E-mail: Sue Rahman

Steve Gardner – Vice Chair     
S Gardner ROI
Tel: 0781 143 6411

Being newly elected to the Parish Council, I want it to be your voice, and for us to be a model of transparency and open democracy. Let’s work together and campaign for better services for Billinge eg Health, Adult Care, Policing & Crime Prevention, and Transport. The Parish Council is all about developing the community and responding to your needs, so we need to increase your participation in everything we do.  Please get in touch, we would love to hear from you!

Harry Craig
H Craig ROI
26 Avon Road, Billinge, WN5 7QU
Tel: 01744 894448
Lived in Billinge for more than 50 years.

Peter Peers
P Peers ROI
33, Ashfield Crescent, Billinge
Tel: 07939 004421
My name is Peter Peers and I have lived in Billinge since 1977. I am a member of the United Kingdom Independence Party and was elected to the Parish Council in May 2019.

Terry McEvoy
T McEvoy ROI
46, Claremont Road, Billinge
Tel: 07578 744171
I am a retired building and ship repair worker. I am married with two grown up children.

You may also wish to contact the Clerk to the Council:

Tom Kelly, Clerk to the Council and Responsible Financial Officer
Billinge Chapel End Parish Council, Public Hall, Pingot Road, Billinge, WN5 7LX
Tel: 01744 892355

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